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On the State of the Union.

Well, $1.2B for alternative energy research is at least a concession to all of us out here hollering for an alternative attack on our dependency on Iraq. However, note he didn't say anything truly ambitious, like the old "man on the moon" approach. While he could have said something ambitious and exciting, such as "By 2010 every new car in America will be powered by an alternative fuel source, and all of our oil needs will be met by domestic sources". Wouldn't that have been the cat's pajamas? Probably utterly undoable, but what the hey.

Where's the fire from the Democrats? Where's the American spirit? We are lackluster, tired, weak. If we go to war with this attitude, we will lose – the same way we lost Vietnam. No home support = no drive = lost war = lost face = bad juju. If we have to go to war, let's hope that Bush manages to produce some real smoking guns next week to really prove his case.

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