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Granta publishes their new "Best Young British Novelists" list.

The full list and a commentary article can be found over at The Observer, but to save you the time, here's Granta's top 20. Keep in mind that their previous lists have included some really great talents, so these may be the folks to watch out for.

The authors, and their ages: Monica Ali, 35; Nicola Barker, 36; Rachel Cusk, 35; Susan Elderkin, 34; Peter Ho Davies, 36; Philip Hensher, 37; ALKennedy, 37; Hari Kunzru, 33 (iffy, in my opinion); Toby Litt:, 34; David Mitchell, 33; Andrew O'Hagan, 34; David Peace, 35; Dan Rhodes, 30; Ben Rice, 30; Rachel Seiffert, 31; Zadie Smith, 27 (of course); Adam Thirlwell, 25 (bastard); Alan Warner, 38; Sarah Waters, 36; and Robert McLiam Wilson, 38.

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