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My New Year's resolutions are adding up excruciatingly quickly. I still need to come up with a truly great daily schedule to make sure I get it all done, though. This year I'm going to lose 20 pounds of flab and pack on some muscle, read at least 12 classics (one a month), improve my chops in PHP, mySQL, Flash and other stuff, pay off my debts and try to get my savings account to a healthy size. All of these are doable, they just require something which has always been my downfall: an exquisite combination of resource management and self-discipline. My junior high math teacher, Mr. Pim, always used to say at least once every class, "Self-discipline is the key to success in life." He's absolutely right. Anybody got any tips or techniques for improving one's self-discipline? One of my friends mentioned yoga or other forms of meditation. At the moment, I'm unconvinced. Can any of you speak to the effectiveness of such things?

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