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Feeling sort of disassembled this morning for some reason. Woke up first thing this morning and started looking at grad school programs, which has been both weirdly inspiring and fairly depressing. I want a combination of the humanities and technology. I want something that will allow me to explore ways that history can be re-examined, that will allow me to spend at least a year exploring a couple of my own concepts of digital storytelling. Several programs at MIT look fascinating, but I'm afraid that since I'm more of a writer/designer than a programmer, I won't get in, or I won't fit in. Then again, maybe they need more writer/designers than programmers. And places like Berkeley that offer purely writing programs probably won't want someone who's also a designer/programmer.

Wanted: graduate program for writers/designers/programmers/culturehounds interested in hiding somewhere with interesting people to explore how these four elements can be combined in interesting ways. Program will preferably result in a Ph.D. which will allow graduates to gain employment in small liberal arts colleges in the Midwest, where said graduates can teach and write and build their own hobbit-holes.

Yes, I'm still on a Lord of the Rings kick. Sue me.

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