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Piss me off some more, Apple.

Anybody else see this story on Wi-Fi wireless touch-sensitive screens that are meant to be unveiled at Comdex? They're from Microsoft. While the Tablet PCs are pretty cool, the idea of a touch-sensitive detachable screen that I can carry around in my house, without the bulk of the keyboard, hard drive or anything else, that's connected to my main box? To surf the net from anywhere and take notes? This rules. And, goddamn it, it should have come from Apple. They built Inkwell into Mac OS X, and then did nothing with it! Steve, you'd better come up with something sparkly at MacWorld New York, or else you're going to have a lot of pissed off disciples. It makes it difficult to hold your head up high when your beloved cutting-edge Porsche of a computer company is lagging behind Yugo.

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