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I've been working on some marketing materials for Inkblots, to really pump up our output after the first of the year. This afternoon I made a bunch of snarky postcard designs – white postcards with a single quote right in the middle and our logo and URL at the bottom. My favorites:

  • "Like McSweeney's on crack."
  • "Like a union for people with useless degrees."
  • "Liberal arts majors, unite!"
  • "Demand an explanation for the Modern Library."
  • "Like The New Yorker on two dozen shots of espresso."
  • "Bitch-slapping literature since 1995."
  • "Literary magazines suck. Fix that."
  • "Because literature must be caffeinated."
It's kind of a bummer that I don't have any pictures of 'Ffeine Boy, our sorta-mascot from the mid-90s editions, lying around here that I can post. He looked like a weird cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, and sported a great big smile and a quote that said, "Drink your vitamins!" He also had what I believe may have been the first prototype of the Dreamsbay star logo plastered across his shirt. Ah, 'Ffeine Boy. Go in peace.

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