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Chalk up another 5,000 words.

On the NaNoWriMo front, I think I'm going to have to kiss this idea goodbye. I dillied and dallied all weekend on other things, then buckled down today and wrote another 5,000 words, bringing me over the 15,000 word mark. Which means I have to write 35,000 words in five days. It might be doable, but one of those days is Thanksgiving, and at least two of them are going to be booked with travelling back and forth to Ohio. Fark. I may simply resign myself to being happy with finishing it by my birthday, which adds another six days to the mix.

More disturbing is the nature of the words being written. I'd sworn to myself that I was going to try and keep the number of characters in this one low, but I'm already up to nine more-or-less distinct characters: there's the two Holmes-and-Watson, Mulder-and-Scully main characters, the catalyst/love interest daughter, the daughter's father, the two might-be-bad-guys, two friends-of-the-main-characters-called-in-for-help, and this other guy that just showed up out of nowhere. It's the last guy that's got me reassured about the vitality of the project – when the story not only tells itself but invites people you hadn't even intended to be involved into the fray, that's a good sign.

Damn, I need to update the project site.

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