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Ask and ye shall receive.

This is awesome. I just received an email from old friend Denise Atchley, a cofounder of the Digital Storytelling Festival that I attended way back in 2000. Announcing the Digital Storytelling Association, located online at This is great. And they've posted one of the best definitions of digital storytelling I've ever seen:

Digital Storytelling uses digital media to create media-rich stories to tell, to share, and to preserve. Digital stories derive their power through weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, and insights. The digital environment provides a unique opportunity for stories to be manipulated, combined and connected to other stories in an interactive, and transformative process that empowers the author and invests the notion of storytelling with new meaning. Using the internet, and other emerging forms of distribution, these stories provide a catalyst for creating communities of common concern on a global scale.

Sign me up.

Oh, and in other you-asked-for-it-news: in the new issue of The Atlantic Monthly currently sitting on the newsstands (not online) readers will find a very interesting article called "Our Genius Problem" by Marjorie Garber, which addresses almost perfectly that which I was yammering on about earlier this week. Go to, go to. Hie thee to a bookery.

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