Geoffrey Long
In Medias Res Fall 2007
In Medias Res Spring 2007
In Medias Res Fall 2007
In Medias Res Spring 2008
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The challenge

While doing my Master's research in the Comparative Media Studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I spent a lot of time helping redesign the program's identity materials. One of those materials was the departmental newsletter. The content and structure was solid, but it needed a facelift to help show off the program.

The answer

To redesign In Medias Res, I researched college alumni magazines, looking at the types of information they presented at how they went about it. First I redesigned the layout to feel less like a newsletter and more like a magazine.

I introduced color into the design, including full-color photographs and illustrations and color-coding the sections of the publication along the same lines as the colors I used in the website. The result was a series of beautiful issues released twice a year as both print editions and downloadable PDFs from

The tools

In Medias Res was produced using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.



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