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Back from Beyond.

…And that’s why the secret of the universe is a combination of quantum entanglement, interpersonal relationships and the square root of 1,764. What’s that? The signal cut out? Oh, how embarrassing. Sorry about that – let me try and catch you up. Over a year ago, I posted that 2010 would be different. Boy, I […]


Free Public Lecture Tonight: Jeff Vandermeer on Transmedia

In the Boston area tonight for Futures of Entertainment, or a C3-minded local who can’t make it to the conference? This evening from 5-7, the novelist, anthologist and cross-media storyteller Jeff VanderMeer is giving a free, open-to-the-public talk as part of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Colloquium lecture series and the unofficial kickoff to Futures of […]


April: The Month That Got Away. (Kinda.)

Rabbit rabbit! OK, now that that’s out of the way… Great Caesar’s ghost, what a month. Alas, the 2009 30|30 project didn’t work out, as I’d feared – still, eighteen poems is better than I fared last year, when I petered out at thirteen (yet still not as good as the first year I did […]


[C3] Whedon’s New Business Model ‘Horribly’ Awesome

I have a new post up today at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Whedon’s New Business Model ‘Horribly’ Awesome. In it I examine a couple of the highlights from the thoroughly exciting interview Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dollhouse) gave to Wharton at U Penn last week. Check out both the article and […]


[C3] The Future of Entertainment is… Paper?

I have a new post up today over at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium weblog, “The Future of Entertainment is… Paper?” In it, I basically stare agog at the awesomeness that is PaperCamp, a one-day event that went down on January 17th in London and that I’m kicking myself for having missed. At the end […]