Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Was that a tumbleweed?

Wow, things around here have been quiet. On this page, I mean. You know, what with the lack of postings at whatnot. Sorry about that – spending time with my friends and family here in Ohio has seemed a bit more important. In the last couple of days I’ve met up with a large number of my friends, almost none of whom have websites, and spent at least one entire day without going online. Gasp! Worse? I liked it. Gasp!

I’m also working on the new dreamsbay.com, rejiggering the way the site is pitched to reflect more of its one-man-band-with-occasional-reinforcements nature. This is tricky. I am also trying to line up content for the Winter edition. This is trickier. I imagine there will be a great rush of action behind this keyboard when I get back to Maryland… But then I remember that there are friends in mass quantities descending upon our house for New Year’s. So, um, maybe… Thursday?