Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Alzheimer’s care by Arbor Place, website by yours truly.

Today’s Washington Post has a terrific article on one of my new clients: “They Can Dance to It: One Small but (Alas) High-Priced Facility Is Taking New Steps in Alzheimer’s Care“. Arbor Place is run by a wonderful couple who also happen to be the parents of one of my previous clients. Last week I got an email from them saying they had a big article on them to be published today, and could I create a new, rich-media website for them in five days?
Yup. Check it out: arborpl.com is a beautiful little site with a great set of photos, some neat Flash animations (including a Flash-powered background music widget). We’re already talking about nifty additions for version two, but the site goes a long way towards bringing the vibrancy and “homeyness” of the place to the web.
With luck, I’ll have some more projects to unveil here this week. Stay tuned.