Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Wow, what a weekend.

This weekend I made a last-minute flying trip to The Big Apple to see my girlfriend. Added bonus fun: she wasn’t expecting me, so it was a real surprise. So much fun – the big event of the visit was a one-act festival, where Kate directed The Choir Loft and starred in Medusa’s Tale, and both productions were fantastic. My girlfriend rocks. Then Sunday night we picked up her sister Shannon from the train station, and she and I promptly began ganging up on her big sister. Heh heh heh.
I got back on Monday afternoon to meet up with my friends Kevin Smokler and David Thomas for a night of design, discussion and dinner. It was like a mini-SXSW, just one of those great evenings brainstorming and ranting and raving. Fantastic.
Today I’m fighting off the urge to just plain slack. These short weeks are lethal for productivity, but good for the soul.
Now Kate just needs to get back down here tomorrow. We’ll be having Thanksgiving proper with her family and then hightailing it back to Ohio for the Long family Thanksgiving on Saturday. Should be a fun weekend.

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