Tip of the Quill: A Journal
And one other thing about the novel.

It’s strange. I’ve got all these notes from previous ideas, and most of them are being chucked out the window as the story unfolds itself. There are still some things that are a little far out, but most of the wildly Pynchonian elements that I’d been considering including are winding up on the cutting room floor. One of the characters I’d been contemplating, for instance, was a three-armed carnie magician, who is the most recent edition has become an older conspiracy theorist living in an Gulfstream trailer. Yet another tip from The X-Files, I suppose, considering the Lone Gunmen, but I think my fellow is a little more realistic. The only thing that really remains of his former self is the name: Caliban Davies. A little touch of Pynchon, a slight brush with Shakespeare, and there you go.