Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Michael Stipe on war.

The Final StrawSo the guys from R.E.M. have just posted a new protest song to their website. “The Final Straw” is a surprisingly laid-back acoustic number for what it is, and the lyrics, while typically Stipean, get really pretty pointed at the end:

Now I don’t believe and I never did
That two wrongs make a right.
If the world were filled with the likes of you
Then I’m putting up a fight. Putting up a fight.
Putting up a fight. Make it right. Make it right.
Now love cannot be called into question.
Forgiveness is the only hope I hold.
And love– love will be my strongest weapon.
I do believe that I am not alone.
For this fear will not destroy me.
And the tears that have been shed
It’s knowing now where I am weakest
And the voice in my head. In my head.
Then I raise my voice up higher
And I look you in the eye
And I offer love with one condition.
With conviction, tell me why.
Tell me why.
Tell me why.
Look me in the eye.
Tell me why.

The song is available in both Real and QuickTime format for download.