Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Work on love.

It’s funny how the work you do for you is so different from the work you do for work. I’ve been working on my personal portfolio site, and I realized that putting together my illustration and photography sections have been fun, while assembling the print, video and online sections just have me groaning every time I start. Huh.

One thing I took away from SXSW is the fierce desire to get back to doing stuff for me again. Personal work. Personal projects. Art for art’s sake. Writing for me, and not necessarily anyone else. I’m looking at Josh Davis and saying, damn. I want to work out of my basement, just playing, and then having people pay me to publish it or have me come talk about it. Of course, to do that I’ve got to get back in touch with doing stuff I love. Workin’ on it.