Tip of the Quill: A Journal
On jrCEOs.

A few weeks ago, my friend Noam Dromi asked me if the Annenberg Innovation Lab could host a group of schoolkids that he was mentoring via his jrCEOs project. Specifically, he asked if I would be willing to play host, showing off the new techno-toys that we’ve been tinkering with in the lab. The thinking was to get these next-gen proto-entrepreneurs thinking about what new opportunities would be opened up by 3D printers like the Facebook Oculus Rift, 3D printers like the Makerbot Replicator, and wearables like Google Glass. Since Noam knows that I’m a very, ah, enthusiastic kind of guy, he figured I was the perfect dude to instill these kids with excitement about all these new technologies.

I, of course, was more than happy to do so. I recruited my peers Aninoy Mahapatra and Francesca Marie Smith as my partners-in-crime, and the next thing we knew we had somewhere around thirty-odd brilliant young kids running amok in the lab. As it turned out, we didn’t need to instill any additional enthusiasm into these kids – this was a pack of kids after my own heart. I loved hearing them shriek with delight as they played with the new toys, raving to each other about what they were experiencing, and seeing their eyes light up with the possibilities. That was a very good day.

Oh, and also, this happened:

I meant every word of what I said. These folks are where the next boom is going to come from. Getting them thinking creatively, imaginatively, and entrepreneurially as soon as possible is going to be key to reinvigorating the global economy. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of it.