Tip of the Quill: A Journal
The rise of indie CGI animation

Straight from the “clippings-I’m-saving-for-my-thesis” file: The Hollywood Reporter examines one early Weinstein Company project, Hoodwinked, as an example of CGI indie films. The budget for Hoodwinked? About US$35M. Not a small pile of cash, to be sure, but when you consider that, according to Wikipedia, Pixar’s latest film The Incredibles had a budget of $US92M and brought in a box office take of $US259M domestic and US$366M abroad, for a whopping total of $US625M (I repeat – US$625,000,000), then Hoodwinked only has to make just under six percent of that take to break even. (Alec, you want to check my math on this?)
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