Tip of the Quill: A Journal
This is GAMBIT on CNN

A few months ago, our lab opened its doors to Boston University journalism student Andrea Peterson, who was doing a piece on the process of making video games. Lo and behold, this morning we got an email from one of our alumni who had just spotted the resulting video on the Tech page of CNN.com!

Peterson’s video was uploaded to iReport.com, the user-generated subsite from CNN, and has apparently been vetted for airing on CNN. The video features GAMBIT’s Clara Fernández-Vara, Matthew Weise and Marleigh Norton speaking about a wide range of topics.
“What is it that we want to do? We have a world, what has happened in this world? And from that, what does the player have to do in order to discover that story?” notes Fernández-Vara. “The imagination has no limit. The limit that we have is time.”
“I actually joke about how the game industry doesn’t like to talk about the ‘F’ word, which is ‘fun’,” says Norton. “We all agree that everyone plays games for fun, but it’s hard to quantify what that means.”
(Note: if the video above isn’t appearing, you can check it out on iReport.com or on YouTube.)