Tip of the Quill: A Journal
NaNoWriMo update: slightly less screwed.

After a hu-u-u-u-uge push tonight, I’ve managed to get my NaNoWriMo novel more or less back on track. Still a ways to go yet in too little time, and good Lord why won’t the NaNo system update its tracker already, but I’m now at 41,355 words where I was at 36,764 when I woke up this morning. For the mathematically challenged, that’s a gain of 4,591 words. As a great cyborg detective once said, wowsers!
Can’t quit yet, though – I still have 8,645 words to go, but I’m feeling much more confident now that it might be doable after all. Woo-hoo!
Also, on a side note, old SXSW friends should be sure to wish our not-old friend Molly a very happy birthday today. She’s just dinged 37 (insert inappropriate Kevin Smith joke here) and is still showing us how to rock academia in your thirties. This is especially appreciated in my own personal camp, as I also spent a small chunk of time today revisiting the Ph.D. problem. Long story short, when I do get to be Dr. Long, I may very well be about the same age. So you go girl – thanks for being so awesome!