Tip of the Quill: A Journal
DrawMo and NaNoWriMo updates: 23,656

The steady march to 50,000 words nears the halfway point, as I hit 23,656 words this morning. I elected not to attend the Simon Winchester lecture last night after all due to feeling a little under the weather, so I used the time instead to get a mess of work done on both this and a number of other projects (including some editorial work I’m doing for the Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures, which is taking me back to my Inkblots glory days. I also uploaded DrawMo entries for November 12th and November 13th – the one from the 13th is probably my favorite so far because it’s the first time I’ve successfully done a cartoon of a cat that I’m really happy with. (Thanks for modeling, Albus.)
I am, however, slightly annoyed with how NaNoWriMo is suffering from its own success. Although I made sure to update my word count last night before midnight, it didn’t count it until today, which means that the little widget on the side of my blog there has yesterday marked down in red, which it shouldn’t have done. Also annoying is the fact that since I didn’t start entering word counts until the 10th, and since the system automatically ignores outlier numbers, the report card page that they have set up for each author has my average word count at around 91 words a page, which is obviously bunk. For the curious, 23,656 divided by 14 is 1,690, rounded up – so that statistic is only around 1,600 words off!