Tip of the Quill: A Journal
A beautiful pain: Criterion Collection sale.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out to all my media-loving friends out there the buy one get one free sale currently going on over at DeepDiscount.com. My picks:
Box Sets
Monsters and Madmen (4 films)
Olivier’s Shakespeare (3 films)
Akira Kurosawa
Seven Samurai
Frederico Fellini
La Strada
8 1/2
Ingmar Bergman
The Magic Flute
Fanny and Alexander
Sawdust and Tinsel
Mr. Arkadin
Carnival of Souls
Thief of Bagdad
These aren’t on the AFI list I’ve been plowing through in my sort of Film Studies 101 “independent study” but many are classics nonetheless – and I’m also always interested in the artful depiction of magic and wonder, and a number of these are known for doing that really, really well. There are all kinds of other finds on the list – such as The Threepenny Opera, The Third Man, Sullivan’s Travels, The 39 Steps, Beauty and the Beast, Brazil, M, Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal, all of which I own; Charade, Withnail and I and Yojimbo, which I don’t own but have seen recently enough to postpone their purchase, and Bowie’s The Man Who Fell to Earth, which Criterion is putting out on Blu-Ray this fall.
More blog posts are pending – I have all kinds of things I want to write about, including the ITRA Conference and our trip to Greece, as well as my thoughts on a number of recent events in the media universe. Right now, though, I must run off to the lab for a meeting.
One last parting thought: likeminded souls in the Boston area should check out Readercon this weekend, where I’m hoping to meet up with some old acquaintances (like Ellen Kushner and Nick Mamatas) and meet a few of my favorite authors (like John Clute, Kelly Link, and James Morrow). It’ll be the first time in the three years I’ve been here when Readercon falls on a weekend where I’m actually in town, so I’m thoroughly excited to go.
Oh, and one last thing: other likeminded souls in the Boston area should check out the midnight showing tonight of The Dark Knight at The Somerville Theater in Davis Square. That’s where all the cool kids will be (namely myself, Laura, Matt and Clara).
Stay tuned!