Tip of the Quill: A Journal
THESIS crisis.

Okay, crisis is a bad term for it. More like ‘THESIS at a time of great change.’ Long story short, I’m considering dropping the entire third act of my THESIS. It’s the weakest part, it feels the most like a business plan and the least like an academic thesis, and, well, if I drop it I’ll pretty much be done!
Doing this would drop a whopping ~8,250 words off my final ‘score’ (or an equally whopping 33 pages). I might sneak some of those back into other parts of the document, we’ll see, but for the moment I’m leaning towards revisiting my “leaner and meaner” model I mentioned before.
Because then I’d be done, baby, done – and it would be a return to my earlier epiphane that a thesis doesn’t have to be everything you know about the thing, a justification that you haven’t wasted the last couple of years, it’s just one last requirement to knock out of the way…
And then I’d be freed up to finish my taxes, to boot. Yee-ha.

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