Tip of the Quill: A Journal
The wisdom of Bill Moggridge.

More wisdom from IDEO’s Bill Moggridge can be found in an interview with Newsweek, Of Mice and Multimedia. Near the end, Moggridge explains his vision of the future of interaction design:

The thing that was surprising about the Internet was that suddenly you move from dragging and dropping a file into a folder to the idea of a locomotion interface, where you go someplace. People started to think of files being located on Web sites in space where you went to visit them. In the early days of the Internet that was very appropriate, to be able to feel you were going somewhere and moving through this virtual geography. What’s happening now I believe, and we will see increasing in the future, is that [Web] 2.0 is coming along. It’s allowing us not just to go to a Web site and look at it, but to go to a Web site and then do something. So we’re getting to the point where you have a locomotion that takes us there and manipulation when we arrive, and also community things like YouTube and MySpace. That will mean that we will have more conversations when we get there. That’s the future of the Internet itself and it seems that’s very close.

I’d agree with that to some extent, but I think there’s more there – and it’s a rich vein to explore. Hmm.