Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Older than some topsoil.

Soon I’ll be 30, I don’t want to be 30…

– Moxy Fruvous

Today, alas, I kissed 28 goodbye and 29 hello. The 365-day countdown to 30 has begun.
That said, I had a more-than-fairly decent birthday. The first part of it blew a little (had a bit of a tiff with my research manager, was met by a cardless mailbox, and had to call AAA because the door lock on Fawkes [my Mercedes] died a miserable death last night right before seminar, uck) but I picked up Laura after work and we proceeded to have an absolutely wonderful evening. We went out to dinner at Solas, this Irish pub near the Prudential Center, then wandered around the Pru and Newbury Street for a little while. While on Newbury Street Laura bought me this truly awesome ceramic dragon skull that I’d been eyeing for a while now, which was a terrific present, and then we came home and had some of the birthday cake she’d baked me for dessert. Fantastic cake, a butter cream beast rich enough to make your head spin. All in all, an excellent natal day.
Still… Damn. Where did my 20s go? It’s been a great decade, in which I got to live in Washington, Chicago, and Boston; start up and run my own consulting business; get accepted to (and hopefully finish) a Master’s program at MIT; and travel to England, Italy, Scotland, France, China and Japan. It’s been an amazing decade, just a real whirlwind.
Now, I just have 365 days in which to do the things I’d sworn I’d do before I hit 30. Damn, I gotta get me an agent…

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