Tip of the Quill: A Journal
The Web According to Ballmer.

Courtesy of my boss at C3, an interesting BusinessWeek interview with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, right before the big GoogTube deal went down. I’ve been thinking a lot about the online video space lately, and I have some trepidation about the Web 2.0 bubble going kerflooey the same way the Web 1.0 bubble did. The feeling of deja vu settling about my ears is intense; the last time I graduated and went to explore the job market was in 2000, right when the first bubble popped, and I’m hoping up to high heaven that the same thing won’t happen when I emerge blinking into the sun with my newly-minted Master’s degree.
Enh, whatever. Anytime I read or hear anything from Ballmer, I think the same thing: developers, developers, developers, developers!”