Tip of the Quill: A Journal
BioWare comes to mobile media.

Neat. According to Sci-Fi Wire, BioWare is moving into handheld gaming, specifically the Nintendo DS:

“hand-held technology is now at a point where we can create those rich and amazing adventures that we’ve had in mind for some time,” Dan Tudge, project director of the BioWare Handheld Game Group, told SCI FI Wire.
Hand-held gamers tend to be younger, Tudge said. “Japan makes up the largest portion of that audience,” he added. “The Japanese market is obviously very strong, but it’s also an extremely tough market for us as a North American company to break into.”

Interesting note there about handheld gamers tending to be younger; all four of the twentysomething people in my current house have DSes, as do many of the grad students in my cohort. Interesting. Verrrrry interesting.