Tip of the Quill: A Journal
First you see it…

I’m having a sort of weird time with the migration of geoffreylong.com. I managed to get everything moved over to the new server, get the DNS entries updated, and then on campus tonight I successfully installed Movable Type 3.2 on the new Dreamhost account while – no joke – I watched a Bollywood version of Macbeth. Once that was done and I finished debugging it, I headed home with every intention of installing the new templates and things while watching 24 on the TiVo. Much to my surprise, however, while the MIT DNS servers had updated, the Comcast ones had not; which meant that the new geoffreylong.com was pulling up on campus and the old one was pulling up in Somerville. Sheesh.
On a completely different note, while I was previously somewhat dubious about the two new Hellboy animated movies coming down the pike, things like this statue/maquette makes me want to believe, as does the continuing quality of the Hellboy Animated Production Diary. That’s a must-read for all animation, filmmaking and Mignola geeks in the crowd. How much of a Mignola geek am I? I spent about an hour this weekend after I finally got my desktop machine’s third monitor resuscitated from the grave making a mammoth Hellboy desktop – and by ‘mammoth’ I mean over 5000 pixels wide. It’s pretty damn impressive, even if I did have to blur the hell out of it in order to defeat the pointellation of the graphic novel’s printed pages; to be fair, I’m sure Dark Horse never intended the page to be blown up to something like 15 times its original size… Anyway, the Hellboy movies are supposed to hit Cartoon Network next year, so I’m wondering if there’s any way I can network myself into some kind of research here through C3. Time will tell.
All right, true believers, time for yours truly to hit the highway. Today’s going to be a long day – I’m meeting with a fellow C3 fellow (heh) and Joe Little from the Chief Technology Office of the BP Group, then running off to teach a class about violence in superhero comics, then dashing from there to a presentation by a high muckymuck at Midway, then racing over to a lecture by none other than Sherry “Second Self” Turkle, then from there on to – I’m sure – something else that’s slipping my mind at the moment. Whoof.
No rest for the wicked, lads. I’m off!