Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Attack deflected.

Anybody wondering where this weblog’s been for the last couple of days has a couple of anonymous jerks to thank for the server’s slowing to an absolute crawl. Apparently someone decided that our server was an excellent target for an attack. Luckily Nick seems to have solved the problem, and I’m in the middle of transitioning everything over to a new server on Dreamhost anyway, so things should be settled down relatively soon.
By the by, I’m probably going to migrate this weblog over to geoffreylong.com when the changeover goes through. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time and it seems to make sense, given how the rest of Inkblots is in deep hibernation. (Well, except for Ken’s weblog, and we’re probably going to move that to a site of his own too fairly shortly.) More to the point, it makes sense from a “building Brand Me” POV. Alas, to do so would take a small pile of time I don’t have right now, but it’s definitely on the list.
Last week I was offered a possible part-time gig working for the CMS department over the summer. If my hoped-for internship of choice falls through, maybe I’ll do that and use the summer to catch up on the ten thousand things I’ve been putting off for so long. I could definitely use a couple weeks of solid maintenance, that’s for sure.
Things on this end are really pretty excellent, though. I may be teaching a class early this week on violence in superhero comics, so that’s going to be interesting, and I’m slated to meet with a high executive from Midway this week as well, so that should be very interesting. I might also be making a flying trip home this weekend on a train, which has me all excited. I love train rides, especially long train rides where I can sit and think and work. Much preferable to planes, which just stress me out something fierce. It’d be good to see Mom and Dad and Nick and my extended family again, not to mention raid a couple of different hometown resources (like the bargain book shop in Columbus for some references on Mayan artwork for Goldworld and Coccia House for pizza). I’m not 100% certain I can justify the loss of time that trip would represent… On the other hand, the train ride sounds like the perfect opportunity to catch up on my reading. Hmmm.
The life of a grad student is a crazy and busy one, my friends, full of opportunity and sleepless nights. Speaking of which, as it is now 3AM, I must bid you adieu for now.
Oh, and check out the first batch of photos from my Japan trip, now up on Flickr!