Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Woot! AJAX!

OK, so I had a major headache getting this to work, and I’m still not entirely certain what the problem was, but regardless, I now have the OpenRico accordion trick up and running here on the lefthand sidebar of my main weblog page. Mostly. The bottom tab, the ever-neglected ‘Personal Improvement’ tab, has some issues with leaving white blocks in its wake when opened and closed, which I suspect has to do with the AJAX/DHTML not knowing quite what to do with the Flash widgets yet. (Either that or I inadvertently hosed something, which is entirely possible.)
Still! I’m tickled that this widget is finally working, albeit probably again only in the most modern browsers. (Mom and Dad, ditch the AOL browser and use Safari. Trust me on this one.) The Gravatar icons aren’t showing up yet – not sure how long that’ll take to go through – and I still need to polish the archive navigation system, but still – I’m getting close to done!