Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Reunions, animations, weddings, and other chaos.

Damn, this week has been nuts. Last weekend was my five-year reunion at Kenyon College, which was amazing. It was fantastic to see everyone again, and also a little mindblowing. It had the twin effects of showing me how far we’ve all come and also that it’s really only been five years. I met up with a ton of old friends, made some closer friends out of folks whom I wasn’t intimately close with back in the day but whose life trajectories have been eerily similar to my own in the last half-decade, and laid soem plans for this fall. A wonderful trip. Photos are up on Flickr right over here.
We rolled back into town late Monday night, and now today I have to roll out for Grand Rapids, Michigan (aka “Grandrapidstan”) for the wedding of Mike DiMuzio. This is going to be an awesome weekend, but damn does it make for a short week – which is slightly problematic, given my insane to-do list. However, one does what one can. And, in the three-day week that it’s been, I could and did do this: Jewel Stout Voice Over.
You’ll need Flash to view it (which might rule your sorry antique browser out, Mom and Dad) but it’s a doozy. Usually voice sites have four or five animated elements – the most complicated one to date had maybe fifteen. This one has two hundred and eighty-four, and took fifteen hours to animate in Flash. Bleargh. The results are staggeringly beautiful, but damn, I wish that hadn’t been a flat-bid gig.
Right. Tons of things in the web world worth commenting on, all of which have been posted there to the left. There are other things in the universe also much worth commenting on, but I don’t have much time before I have to climb in the Taurus and roll, so they’ll have to wait until next week. Be good to each other!
OH! I almost forgot – all of you who are working on Inkblots stuff for me, can you pleasepleaseplease send that along this weekend? I know it’s an arbitrary deadline, but I’d love to get this bad boy out the door. And if any of you want to play but haven’t pitched me an idea or sent stuff in yet, now’s the time! The summer 2005 edition is right around the corner. 🙂