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The winter of my discontent.

I'm having a "what the heck have I done" moment. The skies opened up last night and dumped 10 inches of snow on Chicago in less than 12 hours. When I look out the window right now, it's white – and I don't know if that's new snow falling or just old snow being whipped up into an army of snow devils by the raging, whistling wind. So far we still have power and Internet, and I went out and bought a ton of groceries yesterday, so I'm all bunkered down and enjoying my nest. If any of you fine readers are in the Chicagoland area, I suggest you make yourself some cocoa and catch up on your TiVo.


A little something for the kitchen.

I can already tell that my future kitchen will be decorated in art from various coffeehouses I've visited across the country. This piece from Metropolis Coffee in Chicago will certainly make the list, if I can get in there before they all sell out.

Update. I've been to Metropolis several times now, and I've got to say it's one of my favorite coffeeshops in town. They serve great mochas, which are dark and smooth and fantastic, and the baristas do this terrific thing with the froth that turns each cup into art. I did pick up a copy of that print, but the only trouble with it is the paper it's printed on is sort of green. This is kind of a shame, because it's a neat piece of art.

In any case, the place offers great ambience, plenty of seating, a veritable plethora of power outlets (!), free Wi-Fi and even the occasional movie night. This place is my new favorite hangout. Check it out – and if you see me in there, be sure to say hello!