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This weekend I availed myself of Dotster's Memorial Day sale – half off all .com, .net and .org domains with the right code, and please don't start in with the "Yeah, but so-and-so is always cheaper, blah blah" because I've used Dotster since like 2002 and am a faithful customer, so there – and now a couple of long-term oddities have been rectified. First, now redirects people to the appropriate site,, and (thank you, Ivan) now redirects people here. Similarly,, and all redirect people to my Writing page. These little domains may not mean much now, but if I ever turn these stories into full-fledged books, games, movies or whatever, I'll have my bases covered.

Aside from that, I spent my day dealing with little projects that had been piling up while I was otherwise occupied with school stuff – primarily cutting articles out of magazines, scanning them, adding them into my database and chucking the remains. I figure I've reclaimed several feet of shelf space today alone. Go me.


thank me? why me?

– ivan

A little while ago you were telling someone about something I'd posted to my blog, and you said it was at, then quickly corrected yourself with the right URL. I figured if you'd made that slip of the tongue, others probably do as well, and for eight bucks it seemed like a good, quick fix...

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