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I wrote this one way back in 1995, while I was still in high school. It’s kind of neat to go back and see embryonic versions of my favorite themes, moods and rhythms appearing in these old stories. Like Auld Lang Syne, Luna is a mood piece, this one primarily about religion and friendship. It’s […]


The Love of the Library.

I wrote this short story for Valentine’s Day in 1999, and published it in Inkblots shortly thereafter. It wasn’t a Valentine’s Day present for anyone, just another romantic little story about love, albeit considerably quirkier than Auld Lang Syne.


Auld Lang Syne.

This short story was written a few years ago, as a study in mood. It’s a quiet little story of two old, old friends who meet at a small restaraunt to celebrate New Year’s Eve. As always, feedback is appreciated.