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Withdrawal Agreement Frontier Worker

Cross-border commuters are people who work in one country but mainly live in another life. Free movement laws have allowed this working model to grow and thrive within the EU, but Brexit has put cross-border commuters travelling to the UK in a precarious position. Given that these permits will only be available to those who start working in the UK before the end of the year, the time has come for cross-border commuters to determine if it could work for them. As with so much to do with Brexit, time is running out. An applicant may withdraw an application at any time prior to the decision and an application is deemed to be withdrawn if an applicant re-applications for a frontier worker permit. Note that if the applicant is detained by immigration on the day of the decision, the application must be submitted within 7 calendar days of the decision. The holder of a valid document certifying the rights of cross-border workers may not be required to have an exit visa, an entry visa or an equivalent formality On the other hand, how long does a person have to work in the UK to be eligible for a permit? For example, will a business visitor be able to obtain a cross-border permit if they only come to the UK once a month or even less frequently? You can use your permission to enter the UK as a cross-border commuter and show your right to the following: An application can also be rejected under Regulation 20 on the grounds that there is an “abuse” of the rights of cross-border workers. This is a kind of criterion of authenticity: there will be an abuse of rights if someone intends to “take advantage of these regulations by participating in conduct that artificially creates the conditions necessary to meet the criteria set out in these regulations.” Similarly, if an applicant “complies with the requirements of this Regulation in circumstances that do not achieve the objective of the Withdrawal Agreement”. You are a cross-border commuter under the Withdrawal Agreement if you work in the Netherlands and live in the UK or an EU country other than the Netherlands in accordance with the relevant provisions. Learn more about the conditions, application and process after submitting an application on our Border Crossings After Brexit website. .