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What Is A Return To Work Agreement

The goal of a return-to-work agreement is to create a safe work environment for all. Naturally, your employer may be concerned about the legal implications if you use drugs or alcohol in the workplace. However, RWA should also benefit you. It should include the reasonable precautions you need to do your job during recovery. To effectively treat your addiction, you may need to get away from work. If your employer discovers that you were in rehabilitation, you may need to sign a return-to-work agreement before returning to work. Here`s what you need to understand about these agreements and your rights as an employee. If the employee has to take time off work to attend the required appointments, the missed work hours will be treated as family and sick leave, sick leave, vacation or personal leave, if applicable. If you violate the terms of your signed agreement, your employer has the legal option to fire you. This is especially true in work environments such as schools and public transit, where employees who use drugs or alcohol pose an increased risk to themselves and others. Some employees have attempted to use the ADA in the event of illegal dismissal, with mixed results.

That`s why it`s important to talk to a lawyer. Be aware that your employer is not necessarily violating the ADA by having you sign a return-to-work agreement that adds conditions to your post-rehabilitation employment. This model return-to-work agreement is based on an agreement prepared by the U.S. Department of Labor. Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious labour problem faced by employers. The effects range from absenteeism and reduced productivity to rising health care costs, workplace accidents and accidents. To combat drug abuse, employers should consider creating a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace with a written policy. Employers should also consider the use of return arrangements. Under these arrangements, a worker who is addicted agrees to abstain from alcohol or drugs as a condition of returning to work after completing a rehabilitation program. A return agreement should state the employer`s statement of the addicted employee, as well as the consequences if expectations are not met. It is important that the courts increasingly ups maintain such agreements.

This is an agreement, often in writing, between you and your employer. You may also have sought advice from your GP, an occupational physician and your union representative if you have one. This may include: The employee understands that this is a “last chance” to successfully comply with the employer`s drug- and alcohol-free workplace policy. The employee understands that failure to comply with this Agreement will result in immediate termination. This return agreement exists between (company name) (employer) and (employee name) (employee). This agreement is necessary because the employee has violated a work rule that could result in termination: (List of work rules/rules that have been violated) An agreement must be specifically tailored to you. This means that you should involve your health care providers. .