Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Walmart Marketplace Seller Agreement

The email also describes the process if the seller has the right to appeal. Walmart Marketplace is a large-scale, multi-category digital retail platform owned and operated by Walmart that sells Walmart private label products as well as approved third-party affiliate providers. By introducing this model, Walmart is able to offer a wider range of products, brands and choices to its huge customer base. The market offers more than 35 product categories, from personal care to electronics to apparel, with products appearing directly in the search results of Walmart`s main website, walmart.com. As a seller, you receive retail payments for your Walmart sales every two weeks. In addition, instead of a monthly fee, you will be charged a referral fee for each item you sell at Walmart. Of course, we require all sellers to follow our policies, which contain certain restrictions, so please read our banned products policy for more information….