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The project represents the seventeenth project under the framework agreement with the Directorate-General for the Environment of Economic Analysis in the context of environmental policy and sustainable development. The following framework contracts are first concluded through the software portal: we have concluded a cooperation agreement with asknet providing that the management of asknet`s framework contracts (campus licences and national licences for research and teaching) is carried out on behalf of the university. Würth signs an international cooperation agreement with STRABAG SE The new framework agreement extends the existing strategic partnership between Würth and STRABAG to the countries of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. At the European level, the two companies had already signed in 2010 a first international framework agreement for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new framework contract includes the technical management of 125 power plants with more than 250 dams. For Siemens, the benefit of this major refinery project is an important milestone in our ongoing cooperation agreement with CNPC. We are pleased to have found a prestigious partner with the Würth Group who, on the basis of this international framework agreement, will help us even more in the future. We are active in the kingdom on the basis of a framework agreement signed in 1980 with the Saudi Ministry of Finance. A framework contract covering Siemens` entire portfolio of electrical systems is unique in the company`s history,” said Adil Toubia, CEO of Siemens Energy`s Oil & Gas Division. Since then, GIZ operates mainly in Saudi Arabia in the following areas: when preparing our orders, we include, in addition to our own skills and resources, subcontractors and suppliers selected and proven in terms of quality and profitability.

The ecologic project contributes its experiences with economic evaluation of soils, groundwater, floods and the loss of biodiversity as well as its expertise in producing environmental impact assessments at EU level. . The new framework contract provides for technical assistance to 125 power plants and more than 250 dams. Ecologic is leading the consortium for this project. The project is led by the Institute of European Environmental Policy (IEEP). In Sweden, Bilfinger will now be responsible for the maintenance of all hydropower plants of the Finnish power distribution company Fortum. . For Siemens, the benefits from this refining project are a milestone in the already existing cooperation with CNPC. Please confirm that you are a human being by ticking a box.* GIZ is active in the country on the basis of a framework agreement signed in 1980 with the Saudi Ministry of Finance and Economy.

Government calls on experts in the field of assistance to the advise are at the call of experts. Is there no translation, did you notice an error or do you just want to congratulate us? Please fill out the return form. The provision of the e-mail address is optional and, in accordance with our data protection, serves only to respond to your request. Asknet has concluded a cooperation agreement providing that the liquidation of framework contracts (campus and country licenses for research and teaching) is carried out by asknet on behalf of the university. . . .